Safety First

Even if you do not go with A Scene to Clean, we highly recommend you ask for proof that the company you are dealing with is bonded, carries liability insurance and is state licensed. We take our job seriously, and can furnish credentials upon request.

Did You Know: Paying For Our Services

Property owner's insurance, in most cases, will reimburse the homeowner for the expense of a trauma scene clean up and cover the repair of any structural damage.

We Offer a Caring Presence

In the first few hours after a tragic event, the victim's family is usually overwhelmed emotionally. The victim's family is often surrounded by people who "have a job to do". The primary psychological challenge for the family should be to regain a sense of control. Therefore, they should be encouraged to make decisions and take actions on their behalf. A caring presence is what the family needs. We bring that presence to bear on every cleanup.